Life Modeling
Art Photography

Welcome! As a freelance professional art model, I enjoy helping artists and students create and learn. Whether you're considering a male model for a project or practice, looking for figurative reference material, or just enjoy visual art involving the human form ... feel free to explore and drop me a note if you have feedback or inquiries.

Availability Outlook

Currently (as of Summer 2022), inquiries are welcome but availability varies and depends on assignment.

ART PHOTOGRAPHY: new bookings in the MD/DC area usually feasible if scheduling and logistics allow; outdoor sessions given priority during warm months!

TRADITIONAL ARTS: If you are an artist, school, or group for whom I already have been a life model I will accommodate new/additional bookings whenever feasible. If we've not worked together yet, you're welcome to inquire and I will try to schedule with you -- it just may take a couple months.

BODYPAINTING: I will try to accommodate new projects, but it will depend greatly on scheduling and arrangements. I will if I can manage it!

EVERYTHING ELSE: please inquire and let me know what kind of collaboration you have in mind. No promises but I will try if I'm able!

It's been my fortune to model for a range of skill levels, from beginner to world class instructor -- and in several mediums: drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, bodypainting, and videography. I try to keep rates affordable but in line with professional norms. I can only occasionally consider requests to donate modeling time (or TFP/TFCD equivalent). Being part of a collaboration to make or learn something in the creative arts helps power through challenging aspects of modeling! I invite inquiries of nearly any type.

-Avid Light

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IN-PERSON MODELING - instructional classes, personal projects, uninstructed practice (normally in the Maryland vicinity only)
- OPEN SESSIONS - typically one- to three-hour uninstructed sessions I host on Zoom, or sessions hosted by groups/institutions
- PRIVATE SESSIONS - for artists, instructors, private groups, schools, students needing a model for practice or a project
REFERENCE IMAGES & SESSION VIDEOS - for including still images or video recordings of general or customized poses.

By entering you acknowledge and agree:

  • You will honor legal Copyrights meaning you will NOT not download, print, save, copy, email, post, modify, or share contents without consent of the artist and model.
  • You understand they contain no pornographic, illegal, or sexually explicit content but some DO contain images with implied, partial, and/or full nudity. By entering the galleries listed below, you are indicating you are NOT offended by the human figure portrayed in artistic, modeling, and/or portrait contexts.
  • You understand bodypaint or other sections may contain designs with moderate themes of horror, gore, etc

    You are welcome to contact Avid Light about modeling for portfolio work in similar or other styles of work. Additional samples may be available offline, upon request.