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Virtual Life Modeling for Artists (during COVID-19 situation, and beyond)

For artists unable to access in-person classes with a life model, Avid offers virtual sessions to help. It obviously isn't quite the same as working "in person" with a model, but we're all having to adapt these days! Avid offers these in a couple different formats. For some additional info SCROLL TO BOTTOM for a PDF describing availability, or click here.

1) Private "1-to-1" Appointments. This allows artists to book their own time from an availability calendar and have a 1, 2, or 3 hour custom session with Avid. These cost a bit more (check for specials), but allow the artist to direct the pose flow and session specifics within Avid's capabilities. 1-to-1 sessions include live video interaction between model and artist (if desired), and are normally private between just artist and model. Click the "book now" button to select an available date and choose a session type.

2) Scheduled Small-Group Webinars. Occasionally, usually weekly, Avid offers schedules webinars of 1, 2, or 3 hour duration for up to 25 artists. For each of these sessions Avid determines the schedule, duration, theme/style, pose flow, and whether it is draped or undraped. These are affordable ways for artists to practice drawing/painting a male model in professional lighting, without special software or apps (webinars are accessed via common web browsers). Avid's presentation includes live video in HD quality (when bandwidth allows), and audio. Attendees can interact with each other and Avid using text chat, or can stay hidden by not chatting. The flow of these sessions is usually similar to typical figure drawing classes, starting with 1 or 2-minute gesture poses to warm up then progressing to longer poses.

Up until the scheduled start time (or even a little after), and as long as it is not sold out, artists can self-register for a scheduled webinar on the Yondo platform. Access is automatically provided after using PayPal to pay the requested donation level. To use a different payment method like Venmo or CashApp or to request a FREE PASS to try out a session, artists can email Avid ( up to about 2 hours prior to a session.

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Either way, click here or either image
to see if there are upcoming webinars scheduled
(if none are currently scheduled, this will take you to the 1-to-1 appointment page)

REGISTERING for scheduled art modeling webinars:
1. On the web, go to; go to “Webinars” tab
2. After opening the event type and specific session of interest, select “Register”
3. When the “Bookings” window pops up, click “Proceed”
4. Provide Contact Info (or Sign In if you already have a Yondo account). Use whatever name you want to go by; the access link will be emailed so please provide a valid email address! Contact info is not shared elsewhere. You can check the box to “Create an account” (attendee accounts are free)
5. Click “Register”
6. You should see a confirmation window and receive an access/reminder email.
7. Shortly before start time, use the link to join (it should launch in your browser).

REMINDER: During webinars, attendee interaction is by text chat only. Artists can choose to remain 'hidden' by not sending any messages, or are welcome to interact with Avid and/or other artists in chat. Avid will only be able to see and respond during breaks. During private appointments ('1-on-1' sessions) you can also interact with Avid via live video/audio to coordinate detailed session goals, make pose adjustments, etc. Contact Avid about these sessions, inquire about custom group webinars, discuss other possibilities, etc.

Meanwhile, hello from Avid! Thank you for visiting my modeling page. Photography teaches that creating successful portraiture or art requires an interesting mix of introverted and extroverted skills. Models are not so different from photographers, painters, and other artists, often sharing similar visions and artistic interests. Perhaps that is why so many models become artists and vice versa.

Professional models can make it look easy, but often it is not. It takes practice and refinement. I have experience, and charge reasonable going rates for most bookings. I do still welcome requests for TFP / TFCD or equivalent sessions, and will consider it if I am looking for additional portfolio work or to experiment with new things.

My best genres are in the artistic realms like bodypainting, abstract/conceptual, fine art nude, etc. If you are a photographer, sketch artist, painter, sculptor etc please feel free to contact me with just about any idea for which you may need a male model. Thanks for your interest!

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